We Have a 90% Success Rate for Contested Divorces

It’s true; divorce is a difficult and painful process for all individuals involved. Whether it’s deciding how to divvy up the assets/debts or working out child custody and visitation agreements, an experienced attorney will help guide you through this process.  Our office will do all that is possible under the law to obtain for you what you deserve!

Our office is equipped with a full-time private investigator which allows us access to the secrets that your spouse may be hiding  No other divorce firm in Chicago does this.

Understanding that divorce proceedings are oftentimes emotionally and financially draining, the Law Office of Nicholas Baker approaches each case with the understanding and compassion that you deserve. Communication is key—and our office makes a promise to stay in contact with you throughout the entire process to make sure that your needs are met.

We Are Available Nights and Weekends!

The Law Office of Nicholas Baker follows the belief that the best divorce agreements happen outside of the courtroom with both parties giving and taking in order to come to an amicable agreement. This saves money for all parties involved and takes much of the stress out being involved in a court action.  We don’t charge for status updates and quick phone calls unlike most other divorce firms–we strive to keep our rates more affordable for you during this difficult time!

Our office handles uncontested divorces at a seriously discounted rate

While following the belief that an out-of-court settlement is easier and preferable to litigation, it is sometimes impossible to come to an agreement. The Law Office of Nicholas Baker will litigate to the fullest extent on your behalf to make sure that all possible efforts are taken to get you what you deserve. We will fight for you on issues of spousal support and will hire investigators to explore your soon-to-be ex’s assets to make sure that no stone is left unturned and no assets are hidden.

The Law Office Of Nicholas Baker Will Fight For You

Don’t wait any longer. Use the form on the side of this page and contact us now for a 100% free consultation. Or better yet, just pick up the phone and give us a call – we’re around most evenings late in the evening and even on the weekends for your convenience!

We Offer a 10% Discount for Men and Women Serving in the U.S. Military

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