Brain Injuries and Head Trauma

Brain injuries are one of the most traumatic injuries a person can sustain.  They can happen to the young and old, the strong and the feeble.  And when an accident causes a brain injury, the impact is always devastating on not only the victim, but also the victims spouse, friends and family.

Brain injuries occur from just about any type of accident, even those that appear like no big deal.  Slip and falls, near drowning, shaken baby syndrome, car accidents, construction falls, bicycle accidents, high school football collisions, and falls in playgrounds all have resulted in traumatic brain injuries to people all over the country.

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Brain injuries, unlike broken bones, are difficult to understand.  They may affect a range of functions from the obvious such as the inability to speak to the not so obvious, like a drastic change in mood, personality, or cognitive ability.  Because of the vast range of trauma a victim from a brain injury in Chicago may endure, it is important to hire an attorney who will hire the proper doctors to diagnose the damage in the brain.

One of the most upsetting types of abuses that result in brain trauma comes from Shaken Baby Syndrome.  This results from a caretaker (nursery, pre-school or day care facility) violently shaking the baby.  As a baby’s body and brain are so fragile, this often results in sever brain trauma, and even death.  The facility that hired and trained this caretaker will hire a team of attorneys to defend them and try to place all the blame on the person who committed the crime.  But the attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker know that the facility itself may be liable for a host of reasons, namely negligent hiring, improper supervision, and improper training.  It is important to not only hold the direct person responsible for these injuries, but also the facility, so that they change their policies and don’t allow this to happen to another child.

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If you or a loved one has suffered brain injury or believe a caretaker has caused brain injury to your baby, it important to contact the authorities immediately as well as an attorney who will investigate the matter properly.  Private detectives, doctors, police, interviews with the injured party, and background checks will all be hired and performed to determine the extent of the brain trauma.  As always, the Law Office of Nicholas Baker charges you no fee unless we win.  Please contact us for a 100% free consultation.  We understand that it may be difficult or impossible to leave your home or the hospital, so we will come to you!