Amputation Injuries

Every year across the United States, thousands of people are injured in such a serious way that they suffer the loss of a limb.  According to the Amputee Coalition, more than 500 amputations take place every day.  The Law Office of Nicholas Baker is committed to helping Chicago amputation injury victims as well as their families cope with the loss of a limb and the life-changing results of such a tragic accident.  We understand that there are countless ways that individuals can injure themselves in such a way that either a limb is lost or a limb must be removed.

·    Operating Heavy Industrial Machinery
·    Using Saws
·    Operating Farm Equipment
·    Construction Work
·    Car or Truck Accidents
·    Motorcycle Accidents
·    Fire Injuries or Burns
·    Boating Accidents
·    Defective Drugs

The loss of a limb is a traumatic event that requires more than just physical healing, but very possibly, significant help from a mental health professional as well.  Lingering pain (phantom limb syndrome) after a limb has been removed may persist for months and sometimes even years after the limb has been removed.  Recent medical studies and from the University of Chicago have shown this to be a common pain that amputee victims endure.

Losing a limb requires a Chicago attorney that knows how to fight for you for the maximum amount of compensation because the loss of a limb has many varied costs associated with it besides the severe physical and emotional including:

·    Medical Bills
·    Prosthetics and Lifetime Maintenance
·    Missed Time from Work
·    Future Earning Capacity
·    Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy
·    Future Projected Healthcare Costs
·    Change of Career
·    Residential Handicap Accommodations

The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker understand the trauma that you and your family are dealing with after becoming an amputee from an injury in Chicago and we will treat your matter with the care, compassion and personal attention that you deserve.  This is why we offer concierge services to you—we will come to your home, the hospital or your doctors office to meet with you and discuss your injuries.  We believe that you should focus on your healing, not fighting traffic to meet with your attorney.  All of our consultations, including in-home consultations, are always 100% free, and we charge no fee until we recover and win.  Go on, fill out the form on this page or give us a call and we’ll discuss how we can fight for you!

For more information and to help find a support group for your amputation injury in the Chicago area, contact the Amputee Coalition.