Fire Injuries and Burns

Fire injuries and severe burns can happen in a variety of ways.  Whether in your home or at work, injuries from a fire and severe burns are one of the most devastating of all injuries to suffer.  These injuries involve scarring, disfigurement, loss of vision and quite often, death.  Our office offers free in-home or in-hospital consultations.

The causes of these burns and serious fire injuries result from a variety of sources.  Natural gas, propane, water heaters, faulty equipment, gasoline spills, faulty smoke detectors, or defective appliances are all major reasons fires happen inside a home or within the work place.

We Fight for Your Rights to Compensation

If you live or work near natural gas pipelines or propane lines, you should be aware that regular maintenance needs to be performed frequently to ensure the safe operation of the pipelines or the propane tanks.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as careful as they should be when it comes to this and faulty installation or defective parts and materials may be used in maintaining or installing these lines.  When defective equipment is used, gas pipelines or propane tanks can explode, causing severe burn injuries or death.  When this happens, the inured parties or there loved ones and families need to know that they can obtain compensation for the injuries or wrongful death caused by this ruinous event.

Fires often start inside a home or an apartment, and fires in residential buildings are responsible for the majority of fire related injuries and death.  This occurs in many different ways, whether from smoke inhalation, or suffering from terrible burns, the injuries involved can last a lifetime.  It is important that when a tragedy like this happens, you are represented by a team, such as the attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker, that know how important it is to hire the proper group of skilled fire investigators and work with the fire department to determine the exact cause and location of the fire that caused these injuries or death.

We Make the Greedy Landlords and Insurance Companies Pay

Because many building fire injuries take place in or around Chicago, it is important to investigate the type of building involved.  Investigators need to hire a team to determine whether the landlord/building owner complied with fire and building codes, whether proper safety equipment was found within the building, whether gas or propane lines are located and maintained properly, whether smoke alarms were installed and working properly and whether fire proof walls and doors were installed according to local code.

It’s a few times a month that a story comes across the news of a landlord not properly maintaining the fire safety equipment in a residential building which leads to a fire injury or death to a family.  Oftentimes, these types of injuries happen in buildings where the landlord fails to make routine maintenance part of his service to his tenants.  This is why it is important to know that should you or a loved one suffer an injury in Chicago from a fire injury or a serious burn due to fire, you can contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker  for a 100% free consultation.  Our team knows that it may be difficult or impossible for you to leave your home or hospital after such an injury, so we will come to you and discuss your matter in confidence.  Please also contact the Burn Center at the University of Chicago for more information on treatment and to consult with a team of expert doctors and surgeons or call 1-888-824-0200.