Motorcycle Accident

From driving up and down Lake Shore Drive, to cruising throughout rural Illinois, riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable experience.  Along with all of the fun involved also comes the need for increased safety and attention to rider’s surroundings.

Every year in the United States, over 4,000 motorcycle riders lose their lives in motorcycle crash accidents, while tens of thousands more are seriously injured.  One of the main reasons are careless drivers that simply do not pay attention to motorcycles on the road.

Riding a motorcycle carries with it dangers that don’t exist in cars.  Unlike a car, motorcyclists are completely exposed to the to a collision with another vehicle, an object or the road.  Cars outweigh motorcycles by thousands of pounds, which leads to disaster when they collide.  The worst danger involved in riding, and probably the most common reason for a motorcycle accident, is that drivers of cars don’t notice the motorcycle rider on the road.  Drivers often cut off or rear end motorcycles because they are following too closely.  Cars need significantly more room to stop than a light motorcycle, and this often leads to crashes from drivers following too closely.

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Because these car drivers have a perception problem with motorcycles, the most important thing a rider can do to avoid being injured in a motorcycle accident is to wear protective gear.  This involves wearing a helmet approved by the U.S Department of Transportation, which carries with it the highest standard of protection for the lowering of g-forces (“g’s”) being absorbed by the head.  Another standard to look for when choosing a quality helmet is to see if it meets the “Snell” standard, also one of the highest standards.  While the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standard is the highest for impact, it does not take into account other factors that the Snell standard does, which makes purchasing a helmet that is both Snell and DOT approved critical to protecting a riders brain if they are involved in a motorcycle accident in Chicago or anywhere else in Illinois.

Of course a helmet is not the only protective gear that a motorcycle rider should be wearing for protection, but it is arguably the most important factor in surviving a motorcycle accident.  A rider must also wear thick leather or fabrics such as Kevlar, Cordura or ballistic nylons to protect their body should they come in contact with the road in a motorcycle accident.  Reflective strips make a rider more visible to other vehicles on the road, and thus less likely for a motorcycle accident to occur.

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The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker know that the injuries a motorcycle rider can suffer include broken bones, concussions, road rash, brain injury, paralysis and unfortunately, death.  No matter how careful you are, riding a motorcycle is a dangerous thing to do.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in Chicago in a motorcycle accident, you need to have someone that understands your needs of recovery.  Contacting the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will put you in touch with attorneys who will build a team to investigate your crash and fight to hold the negligent party liable for the motorcycle accident and maximize the compensation you and your family deserve.  Remember, our consultation is 100% free and you will pay no fee unless we win. We understand that your motorcycle accident may prevent you from traveling, so we will come to your office, home or hospital and discuss your case so you can remain comfortable and heal.