Family Law and Divorce

Chicago family law and divorce attorneyFamily disputes are never easy on any party—especially if children are involved.  Even a divorce where the parties are uncontested and agree to the terms in an amicable manner can feel painful, embarrassing, even angering.  Even though a divorce is between the two people who are separating, the choice to enter into a divorce has a much wider impact.  The impact of a divorce affects the children between the couple, the in-laws, the friends, and extended family.

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This is exactly the reason why a lawyer with the understanding of this process is needed.  Whether you are in need of representation for a divorce, custody, or child support; your rights and your discretion should be first and foremost; and at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker, it will be.

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Navigating through this process with speed, integrity and respect, our office will negotiate, mediate and if need be, litigate for your and your family’s best interests.  Contact us today—it’s easy!  Just fill out the brief form on this page or give us a call.  Consultations are 100% free!

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Some of the areas of family law we represent clients for include:

·    Divorce
·    Child Support
·    Child Custody
·    Orders of Protection
·    Visitation
·    Civil Union Divorces
·    Premarital Agreements
·    Parentage / Paternity
·    Maintenance / Alimony
·    Property Division

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