How We Handle Personal Injury Cases

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker handle your Chicago injury case in an efficient method to obtain the maximum results.  This will serve as a brief guide so that you understand the process that we take and can remain informed as to the steps that we take in handling your Chicago personal injury case.

1. Free Initial Consultation

Free.  That’s right, your initial consultation will cost you nothing.  There is no need to get in your car or ride the train to consult with us on your case, we will send an investigator or attorney to your home, office or hospital room to discuss your personal injury in Chicago. Initially, we will ask you to provide general information about the injury case.  We will provide you with a questionnaire that we will use in a confidential manner.  Our investigators or attorneys will ask you to sign various forms so that we may obtain medical records and billing statements from all of the doctors, hospitals and physical therapists from where you seek treatment.

2. Investigation

Again, we will send someone to see you.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker understand that your injuries may limit your ability to drive or make a commute to discuss your case.  And don’t forget, there is no charge to you for any of this.  During our investigation, we will notify your insurance carriers as well as all of the doctors, hospitals and physical therapists that we are representing you in your injury case.  We will request information from them and will discuss with them the option of not sending your medical bills to collection so that while you heal, you won’t have to worry about paying medical bills as they come due. We will then identify witnesses, police officers and possible defendants and prepare to interview them and take pictures of the place where the accident took place.  In some cases, accident reconstruction experts may be used to recreate the scene of the accident.

3. Negotiation and Settlement

One question that people frequently ask is, how much is my case worth?  The many factors that go into a personal injury case in Chicago make it difficult to provide a simple answer.  Before a settlement number can be reached, it is first necessary to determine that amount of money that all the damages cost.  This is in part determined by the cost of medical bills, both current, past and potentially future related to this personal injury.  The most important thing in any case is determining the true cost of your injuries.  Keep in mind that no settlement figure will ever be made or accepted without first discussing it with you—the attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker work for you—you have the final decision whether to accept an offer or reject it.

4. Filing a Lawsuit

Should the insurance company or other defendant refuse to make a reasonable settlement offer, we then consider filing a lawsuit in the Illinois courts to compensate you for your Chicago personal injury.  Even if we file suit, it may still be possible to settle the matter; this happens quite often.  During this entire process, you pay no fee to the lawyers at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker unless we win, even if we have to go to trial.