Unsafe Apartments and Condos

One of the primary responsibilities of landlords is to provide their tenants with proper security so that each person is safe and secure in their own home.  Oftentimes, landlords and other buildings either do not provide good locking doors, fail to re-key doors when a tenant moves, allows unauthorized visitors to enter, or otherwise acts negligently in making the building secure from the outside.

Everyone Deserves a Safe Home!

Failing to provide this type of basic security to occupants in a building may have far reaching and dangerous implications.  Break-ins, sexual assaults, and batteries all can take place in buildings where these minimal responsible safeguards are not taken.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will fight to see that you are compensated for the negligent acts or omissions on behalf of the property owner or operators that is responsible for this harmful act.

A thorough examination will be had whereby we will assemble a team of investigators, attorneys and even local police to assess the security risks of the neighborhood in order to determine if more security is necessary to reasonably prevent such an attack or intrusion.  Should our investigation turn up negligence on behalf of the property owner or operator, we will pursue your case against them for the maximum possible compensation for property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and future ability to earn money when possible.

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