Boating Accident

It is summer that truly makes a Chicagoan deal with the bitter cold and snow that winter brings us each year.  And with marinas located up and down the coastline, boating is a wonderful way to enjoy the sunny days.

With the beautiful weather and fun that boating enthusiasts enjoy, also comes some dark figures from boater accidents.  The United States Coast Guard estimates that over 8,000 boater accidents take place in the U.S. every year, resulting in close to 5,000 injuries and roughly 800 fatalities.  Reckless boater operation, drunk boating and failure to operate the boat properly cause the vast majority of these accidents.

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Wave runners, jet skis, fishing, water skiing and tubing can all be fun activities, especially with a family.  But when an accident occurs in the water, the results are often catastrophic.  Drowning, boat propeller injuries, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries from passengers being ejected from the boat are common on the water.

Being just a strong swimmer is often not enough to save a person who is injured in a boating accident; proper life jackets must be worn to protect your life.  And many boat owners, in an effort to save space, pack the boat with more people than life jackets.  This type of behavior is unacceptable and is exactly the type of behavior that leads to a friend’s life being threatened.

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The laws that apply to driving a car do not necessarily apply to driving a boat, and an attorney that knows these differences is essential in protecting your rights should you, a family member, or friend be involved in a boating accident.  Many boaters are unaware of the laws that exist operating on the water.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will team up with experts in the boating field, captains and if needed, the Coast Guard, to investigate the matter properly—and this all comes at no cost to the victim.  As with all of our injury cases, there is no fee unless we win.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in Chicago from a boating accident, contact us now for a 100% free consultation.  We understand that your injury may prevent you from visiting us, so we will come to your office, home or hospital!