Why Hire Us?

There are a handful of huge decisions you will make during your lifetime:  buying a home, choosing a life partner, and having children.  One of the biggest not on this list is deciding what personal injury attorney is right for you.  Of the factors to consider is the attorney’s caseload, the amount of time the attorney will actually spend on your case and the probability that the attorney will succeed with your case.

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Some personal injury law firms handle massive caseloads with the belief that a huge client base and many small victories will make them fill their bank accounts.  This is the “churn and burn” or “slaughterhouse” theories.  It’s also the way most used car dealerships work—do you want an attorney that functions like a used car dealer?  We didn’t think so.

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Personal injury law firms function in many different ways.  Because many of the big “slaughterhouse” firms have such a large amount of clients, it is oftentimes difficult if not impossible for the attorney assigned to your injury case to provide significant time working on it himself.  What ends up happening is that they delegate most of the work to associates with little to no experience or secretaries and paralegals to handle most of the work.  This allows the big firms to treat you like a number, a faceless revenue stream for which they can slough off onto someone beneath them to complete most of the work, not actually working to obtain the most compensation possible.  This means that a secretary probably is negotiating a settlement for you, not the attorney you thought you hired.

Other personal injury firms in Chicago simply pick up every single case that comes through their door whether it fares a good chance of recovery or not.  This raises the hopes of people who will probably not be able to recover for their injuries and forces the attorney and his support staff to spread themselves thin as they are working on losing cases rather than focusing on the winners and pushing those winners to furthest possible extent.

Personal Attention is what Sets Us Apart!

At the Law Office of Nicholas Baker, you will have an attorney that is focused on your injury and all factors related to it.  You will have found yourself with a proven successful advocate that takes the time necessary to achieve the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.  An attorney will work on every aspect of your case from investigating the scene of the accident in person, to interviewing witnesses and the police.  We don’t sign up every case that walks in our door—in fact; we turn away a large portion of people that come to our office if we feel that there is little or nothing that can be done for them.  Because of this, we win.  A lot.

Our recovery rate is high and that is principally because we only take cases that we know, through extensive experience, that we can win.  We focus on you personally, and will remain in constant contact throughout every aspect of the case.  From weekly telephone calls to face-to-face meetings, the attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible reward.  And all this comes at no cost to you unless we win.  Our in-home consultations are always 100% free, and we will come to your home, office or the hospital to meet with you so you can work on healing and not worry about traveling to our office–even on the weekends or the evening.  Go on, make this big life decision the right way and hire a proven advocate who will fight for you.  Fill out the form on this page or just give us a call to get started!