The $350 Divorce is Here!

The #1 Budget Friendly Uncontested Divorce

Divorce Starting at Only $350+

Divorce doesn’t have to cost a fortune

We know—you want to get divorced but it’s just too expensive! The Law Office of Nicholas Baker has a special budget friendly offering: Starting at only $350.00, our office will prepare all of the documents needed to obtain an agreed divorce along with specialized instructions on how to do it yourself. (DIY Not For You?  Click Here!) Getting divorced in Chicago has never been easier. Save Thousands of Dollars and Get Divorced in as Little as 10-Days!

The Lowest Price Divorce Anywhere!

With the economy being so volatile, this is your best and most budget friendly option out there! You can save literally thousands of dollars and still have an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney prepare your divorce documents! Most attorneys will ask for retainer fees of $2,000.00-$3,000.00 just to get started! We can help you get divorced in as little as ten-days if you call and make an appointment today!

Don’t be fooled by the crooks on the internet that claim to complete divorce documents for you with the click of your mouse button—read closely—they all have one thing in common: they are not attorneys.

We’re Available in the Evening!

We know your schedule may make it difficult to meet face to face when you work a 9-5 job. We’ll make time to meet in the evenings, or even the weekends to get started – that is just one of the ways we strive to show how much we value our clients.

The Law Office of Nicholas Baker will sit down with you and discuss your concerns in a meaningful way. We will custom tailor your divorce documents to your liking, making as many changes as needed. We then are with you every step of the way through the filing process, letting you know exactly where to go and what to do—we are dedicated to providing this service to you so that you can save thousands of dollars! Contact our office right now to get started and we can put you on the path to a quick money saving divorce that can be completed in as little as ten-days!

Do It Yourself Divorce Saves Thousands of Dollars!

The Law Office of Nicholas Baker knows that one of the biggest issues with beginning the divorce process is the cost involved in hiring a lawyer and going to court—even in uncontested matters. While it is true that some lawyers are expensive, our office strives to keep cost to a minimum by not charging for short status updates with our clients. Our goal is to help people get through a difficult time—and we aim to do that in a cost-effective manner.

Contacting our office right now is your first step to moving on in your life and keeping a couple bucks in your pocket! Don’t waste another minute, and don’t waste another dime—contact us right now to save money on your uncontested divorce!

1) We Talk – Free Consultation
Our office will sit down with you in person or discuss everything right over the phone to gather the necessary information to prepare your divorce documents for you the right way. In fact, we can do everything over the phone, via email, or a video call with FaceTime or Zoom – all for your convenience!

2) Document Preparation
Your documents are custom prepared by an attorney–not a paralegal or someone else who is not a lawyer. We personalize the documents to exactly your specification and both of you and your spouses wishes.

3) Directions To Do It Yourself
The prepared documents are given to you so that you can file them with the Court and set a court date with the judge. Step-by-step directions are given to you detailing every aspect of what to do and how to do it–and we are here to help guide you through any confusion you may have.