Pedestrian Injuries

A motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian—almost every time the results are disastrous for the pedestrian.  Many times the accident was caused by a driver not paying attention, talking or texting on their cell phone in violation of Chicago’s municipal code.  In fact, in 2010, around 24,000 tickets were issued to people talking on their cell phones in the city of Chicago.  Obviously, tens of thousands of more people simply didn’t get caught.

We Make the Greedy Insurance Companies Pay

These drivers put more than just their wallets at risk when the police ticket them, they are putting pedestrians lives in danger.  Consider this; the average mid-size car weighs in excess of 3,000 pounds.  When a car collides with a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses every single time.  Over 60,000 pedestrians are injured each year from a pedestrian car accident in the U.S. resulting in broken bones, skull fractures, and spinal cord injuries, along with thousands of deaths across the U.S.

Because pedestrians are oftentimes injured so severely in these car accidents, they usually must rely on witnesses or traffic cameras in the area to tell their story for them.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker realize that one of the most important things when handling a car vs. pedestrian accident in Chicago is the gathering of evidence.  This process involves interviewing witnesses, investigating the scene of the accident, reviewing the police reports, and attending and following the traffic court case of the liable driver.  The lawyers at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker charge you no fee for handling your pedestrian injury case unless we win, and of course, the consultation is 100% free.  We will come to your office, home or hospital to discuss your case.