Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Chicago

Uncontested divorces can save money and avoid some of the pain and heartache that comes with ending a marriage.

When someone mentions “divorce,” most times the picture that emerges is one of bickering, fighting, and drawn out battles over custody of the children or of property acquired during the marriage.  This is common, as the decision to end a marriage is filled with emotion.  But an ugly contested divorce is not necessary if a skilled negotiator and an experienced uncontested divorce attorney is on your side.  The Law Office of Nicholas Baker works to avoid the ugliness commonly associated with the divorce process by striving to solve the issues involved in ending the marriage amicably with the other spouse.

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Uncontested divorces can save money and avoid some of the pain and heartache that comes with ending a marriage.  The Law Office of Nicholas Baker works toward finding common ground between the parties in an effort to settle would-be disputes over child custody, visitation, child support, property settlements, and maintenance (alimony) by laying out a plan for action that avoids the common pitfalls and fights that develop in divorce situations.  Contacting our office is your first step to finding out what rights you deserve and how to best protect them while still offering up solutions to avoid the expense of a costly divorce battle in the courts.

Save Money and Heartache With A Skilled Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

As a skilled divorce law firm practicing in Chicago, the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will provide you with a list of options to consider first when deciding to begin the divorce process.  This will help to draw out the core considerations that must be handled most closely with care and compassion.  Many uncontested divorce attorneys do not do this, and instead, go full-bore—oftentimes taking away the option of an uncontested divorce.  This is not the approach used with our office, and contacting us will set your mind at ease that you have come to the right place, where an experienced uncontested divorce lawyer will work with you to obtain the results you’re looking for.

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Many times, what the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will do when attempting to handle a divorce in an uncontested manner would be to draft all of the necessary documents needed to complete the uncontested divorce process and allow our client to approach their spouse in a non-threatening and comfortable environment.  Issues, such as taking a 50/50 split on the loss/gain of property obtained during the marriage, working out a workable custody and visitation plan, and possibly waiving maintenance, all make the other spouse feel comfortable and not worry that they are going to be taken advantage of and “put through the wringer.”  The Law Office of Nicholas Baker will work with you to obtain the results and the justice that you deserve, and should an uncontested divorce be possible, our office will limit the fees associated with this matter as well.

Because our office is capable of handling even the most complex and heated divorces, our experience allows us to work out the most delicate details in an effort to obtain an uncontested divorce on your behalf—saving you literally thousands of dollars in fees and allowing you to avoid more fights with your spouse.  This in turn will create a positive environment for your children and will help to form the basis for a healthy relationship between you and your ex should it be necessary because of children.

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