Construction Injuries

One industry that continues to grow throughout Chicago is construction.  Construction is what is called a “high-risk industry.”  It is a difficult and expensive industry to insure.  Hundreds of people die each year in the U.S. due to construction related accidents; thousands more are seriously injured.

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Not all of the people that are injured or killed due to construction accidents are construction workers.  Many of them are people in the area of a construction site who are not protected with hard hats.  Falling construction materials, improper tuck pointing, collapsing scaffolding, and hazardous gas explosions result in injuries to people every day in the U.S.  If you have suffered an injury in Chicago due to some type of construction accident, you need to protect your rights.

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Many times, these construction companies are union run, and as such, are protected by powerful commercial law firms that will attempt to show that you assumed the risk by working in the dangerous condition or were negligent yourself in walking too close to the construction site.  An experienced personal injury construction accident lawyer in Chicago knows that this is not the case.  The construction company has a duty to protect their workers as well as the pedestrians who use the streets and sidewalks to get around the city.

The lawyers at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker will fight for you and make sure that the liable construction company compensates you for their negligence.  Many times, more than one party is responsible for construction site accidents such as scaffolding falls/collapses.  Liability may exist between the construction company, contractors, property owners, and scaffolding manufacturers.  You need an attorney who knows how to build a team to stand up to multiple powerful entities, hire the proper engineers, and fight for you.  Contact the Law Office of Nicholas Baker immediately if you or a loved one has been injured on or near a construction site.  Of course, if we don’t win, there is no fee.  And the consultation is 100% free; we will even come to your office, home or hospital to discuss your construction accident.  Contact an attorney to discuss your rights now!