Train Accident Injuries

Trains are one of the oldest forms of transportation in the United States.  Trains are essential in the moving products across country in carrier cars, are used for everyday commuters such as the Metra, and are used daily by millions of people on long distance trips on Amtrak.   Of course, trains are also essential in allowing people to move around the city of Chicago by riding the “L.”  As many Chicagoans are aware, the train system serves a vital purpose in our city and the surrounding suburbs.  But when a train accident in Chicago occurs, the results are often some of the most devastating accidents that exist.

As gas prices continue to rise across the country, and as traffic continues to slow down people on their daily commute, train commuting has become increasingly popular.  These same issues also contribute to the rise in freight trains hauling goods across the state of Illinois and cross-country.  With this increase in train activity, the sad fact is that Chicago and Illinois train accidents are increasing in number.

We Make The Greedy Insurance Companies Pay

Trains accidents in Chicago are dangerous for a variety of reasons.  For starters, the sheer size and weight of a train making stopping quickly impossible.  Heavy freight trains and fully loaded express commuter trains travel at such high speeds and weigh so much they may take up to a mile or more to come to a complete stop.  Because of this massive size, it is often impossible for a train conductor to do much to avoid an accident should a car or other vehicle be stuck on the tracks.

Different kinds of train accidents cause all sorts of injuries.  Train derailments, train collisions, train vs. pedestrian, car, or bus accidents cause injuries ranging from the moderately severe to death.  Many times the reason that these accidents happen is due to the gates being improperly maintained or the railway crossings being unmarked/not marked properly.  Of course, train conductor inexperience, fatigue or in the rare case, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, cause accidents such as derailments that can affect the lives of literally hundreds of families in a matter of seconds

Injured parties or the families of loved ones lost in a train derailment accident have a right to compensation from a variety of sources, including the railroad company itself.  A train accident lawyer will evaluate the signaling devices, speed, and examine the train to investigate whether faulty equipment contributed to the accident.

The most common train accidents that take place involve a train colliding with a car.  The train companies have strict regulations to follow in placing signals and guards up at intersections where trains and roads intersect.

For the most part, the train companies abide by these regulations, but it is clear through the numerous accidents that take place that sometimes, they don’t.  And when a train company does not obey the rules and regulations, the results can be catastrophic.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a train derailment or other train accident, please contact us now at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker for a 100% free consultation.  It is never too early to discuss your train accident case, because certain rules apply regarding train accident injuries that take place on the “L” and the CTA; your right to seek compensation is significantly shorter.   We know that because of the severity a person suffers in train accidents is so high, it may be difficult to travel.  Because of this, we will come to your home, office or hospital to listen to the circumstances of your injuries.  There is no fee owed unless we win, and remember, our in-home consultations are always 100% free to you.