Taxi Cab Accidents

Chicago is a town that moves on multiple forms of transportation: cars, buses, trains, the ‘L’ and taxi cabs.  With over 20,000 taxi drivers in Chicago, visitors to the city or every day business commuters travel throughout Chicago’s busy streets via taxicab all the time.

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Even though the many taxi cab drivers in Chicago obey the rules of the road and drive in a safe manner, anyone who has traveled in taxis has had the experience with a driver who drives way too fast, weaves in and out of traffic, runs red lights and otherwise drives in a reckless manner.  These drivers put everyone else on the road, pedestrians, and of course, the passengers in their cabs lives at risk.

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Even the safety conscious drivers cause serious injuries because the drivers become tired after sitting behind the wheel for 40-hours a week.  One of the main problems with these taxicab accidents is that the taxicab driver may have insufficient insurance to cover injured parties medical bills.  Unfortunately, many taxicab drivers carry a minimal amount of insurance that is likely insufficient to cover medical bills from a serious accident.

An attorney that is experienced in taxi cab accidents and car accidents in general, such as the Law Office of Nicholas Baker, understands that a an injured parties own car insurance, even a pedestrian, may use their own insurance to defray the costs of medical bills as well.  In Illinois, you should have coverage under your own insurance policy known as “underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.”  This is used in a similar manner as the negligent drivers insurance to help pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering.

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Our office is experienced and handles the following types of taxicab accidents:

·    Taxi Cab Car Accidents
·    Taxi Cab Pedestrian Accidents
·    Taxi Cab Bike Accidents
·    Taxi Cab Bus Accidents
·    Taxi Cab Train Accidents

Should you or a loved one be injured because of a negligent taxicab driver, you need to contact an experienced Chicago attorney that knows how to properly investigate all aspects of the accident as well as the owner of the car, who the driver is, and the owner of the taxicab medallion to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.  Because the Law Office of Nicholas Baker knows it may be difficult to travel to our office after an injury, we offer our potential clients concierge service — a 100% free consultation in the comfort of their own home or even at the hospital.  Don’t wait any longer, fill out the form on this age or just give us a call to get started right now.  There is no fee unless we win, contact us now!