Slip and Fall Injuries

In Chicago and throughout Illinois, injuries occur from people slipping and falling every day.  Throughout the winter, these types of accidents cause injuries much more frequently than other times of the year.  Whether a person is injured slipping and falling down in a grocery store, on stairs outside of an apartment or on a sidewalk in front of a store, serious injuries can result from these accidents.

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Slip and fall cases rely on a few basic premises and all rely on whether the owner of the property or the person in control of the property took reasonable precautions to avoid a person sustaining an injury.  This involves keeping the surfaces slip free, continuously inspecting the areas to clear up dangerous conditions and removing any type of spill promptly.

Many slip and fall cases take place in nursing homes as well.  Unfortunately, along with old age and wisdom also comes limited mobility and limited reaction time.  Because of these physical impairments, the elderly are especially at risk of injuring themselves from slippery conditions.  Many cases exist where a torn piece of carpet or a mopped floor with poor lighting causes a slip and fall or a trip and fall.  In these cases, the nursing home can be held liable for the resulting injuries.  It is imperative that the family of a victim of a nursing home slip and fall or trip and fall contact an attorney immediately, as an investigation into the surface that is responsible for the accident must be documented before the nursing home repairs the dangerous condition.

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Throughout Illinois, most municipalities do not require property owners to remove ice from in front of their stores or homes.  In these areas, property owners can make themselves liable if they remove ice and snow in a negligent or careless manner.  However, in Chicago, the municipal code requires property owners to remove the snow and ice from in front of their properties.  However, the code appears to have a gray area where if a property owner negligently removes the snow or ice and a person slips and falls causing an injury in Chicago, they may not necessarily be liable.

Because many slip and fall cases rely on some type of spill or man made condition (such as improperly installing a downspout) creating the dangerous condition, it is important for the injured party to immediately get witnesses contact information and take pictures and/or video of the dangerous condition if possible with a cell phone that has those types of capabilities.

Should you or a loved one suffer an injury in Chicago or somewhere else in Illinois due to a slip and fall or a trip and fall, it is imperative that you contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker to discuss your rights.  Slip and fall cases are difficult to win, but with an attorney who will explore all avenues of investigation including reviewing video cameras and witnesses, they are winnable.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact us at the Law Office of Nicholas Baker immediately for a 100% free consultation—and there is no fee unless we win.  We understand it may be difficult or impossible to leave your home or hospital so we will come to you to discuss your case.