Truck Accident Injuries

Trucks are responsible for moving America—both by transporting goods and by transporting people across country.  Thousands of trucks transport goods and people every single day throughout the Chicago area.  With the high number of trucks, come a high number of devastating accidents.  In a truck vs. car accident in Chicago, it is usually the car that bears the brunt of the collision, with car drivers suffering massive injuries and frequently, the loss of life.

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The tremendous size and weight of a truck makes it impossible to slow down quick and “stop on a dime.”  Many car drivers do not realize that the stopping distance for large trucks is significantly longer than for light cars and motorcycles.  When a car cuts off a truck, the truck simply cannot slow down in time, and all too frequently, a multi-car collision occurs, injuring people in vehicles all over the road.

Of course, many accidents involving trucks are the truck driver’s fault as well.  With deadlines to meet and strict schedule to maintain, truckers may speed or blur the rules as far as hours logged is concerned, making them drive tired.  This is a cause for concern to all on the road, as a truck weigh in excess of 25,000 pounds is like a bomb on the road.

Over 170,000 individuals are injured due to trucking accidents every year in America, with over 4,500 trucks being involved in accidents that result in death.  Illinois, unfortunately, has consistently ranked as one of the higher states for such deaths.

Truck accidents in Chicago and throughout Illinois cause injuries such as:

·    Broken Bones
·    Head Trauma
·    Spinal Cord Injuries
·    Soft Tissue Damage
·    Wrongful Death

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The Law Office of Nicholas Baker understands that if you or a loved one has been injured or have lost a loved one in a truck accident in Chicago, the injuries are more than likely devastating and severe.  With our considerable experience representing injury victims, we will handle your case with the compassion, understanding and skill that you deserve and need.

Truck accidents are different than handling regular car accident injury cases in that many factors need to be investigated and taken into account to determine liability.  One thing that separates our firm from virtually every other is that Mr. Baker is an Illinois licensed Private Detective, and he brings his special experience, knowledge and investigative prowess to work in all trucking accident in Chicago cases that he handles.  Getting his hands dirty is what separates us from the rest—we will work tirelessly on your case personally and will not hand it off to a lower associate or paralegal to be worked on.  This is what makes our office a results driven organization—because we win.

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The Law Office of Nicholas Baker handles truck accident injury cases in Chicago and throughout Illinois.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in Chicago due to a trucking accident or have lost a loved one in a Chicago trucking accident, do not wait any longer to contact a professional compassionate lawyer that will fight for you every step of the way.  You pay no fee unless we win, and our consultations are always 100% free — even in the evening or on weekends! We will even come to your home, office or the hospital to discuss your case so you do not need to worry about having to travel to see us.  Don’t wait any longer, use the form on this page or just pick of the phone and give us a call!  We will fight for your rights for justice and for the compensation you deserve!