Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing homes are necessary in this day and age for the proper care of the elderly when family is unavailable to be present for the daily care taking of elderly family members.  The vast majority of nursing homes and nursing home workers perform a wonderful task and are truly some of the most compassionate caring individuals and institutions in the world.  However, inn the rare case, nursing homes can neglect their elderly patients, and in even worse cases, abuse them.

We Won’t Let Them Get Away With Abuse

Because many individuals in nursing homes are unable to communicate or speak, the unspeakable acts perpetrated by neglectful or abusive workers at nursing homes oftentimes goes unnoticed or unreported.  Clearly, having family members or someone that is able to stop in unannounced to check on the patients is the best way to stop these forms of neglect and abuse from happening, but all too often, this is not possible.

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The Law Office of Nicholas Baker understands how difficult it is to understand how someone could treat their loved ones in such a callous manner.  With years of experience and employing on staff licensed Private Detectives, our office can perform the necessary investigative work to make sure that the guilty party is discovered.

We Investigate the Guilty Parties and Come Out Swinging!

Oftentimes, nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse is because the homes are either understaffed or have a poorly trained staff assisting the elderly.  Many signs and injuries resulting from nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse include:

·    Injuries due to improper restraints being used
·    Slips and fall and trips and falls
·    Mistakes in Medicating properly
·    Injuries from the elderly walking off the property
·    Other residents that pose a dangerous situation for immobile residents
·    Bed sores from not being turned enough
·    Respiratory illnesses caused by laying down all day
·    Dehydration
·    Malnutrition
·    Verbal, physical, or sexual abuse to the residents

If you or a loved one has suffered from any type of injury from the neglectful or willful abuse while under the care of a nursing home you need an experienced representative that will fight for you.  The Law Office of Nicholas Baker will investigate and evaluate your claim to determine whether the standard of care you or your loved one deserves have been met, and if not, our office will hold the individual and the institution accountable for their negligent or intentional acts.

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