Harassing phone calls, knocks on the door by a stranger with court papers, visits to your office by the sheriff serving summonses—the Law Office of Nicholas Baker knows how painful it is to be upside down in debt.

Whether unpaid medical bills, loss of employment, or other reasons have forced you under a mountain of debt, we can help.  We can stop the harassing telephone calls, stop the embarrassing collection letters and the knocks on your door.  We can end the attachments and liens and repossessions, but you must act.  If you found yourself to this web page, you have already made the most important and intelligent step in the process.

Credit card companies have jacked up their rates so high, it may not be possible for you to even continue paying the minimum.  Hospital liens and judgments from creditors may be garnishing your wages.  The protection under the Bankruptcy code can help.

Get a fresh start!  Gather your bills together and contact the Law Office of Nicholas Baker today.  Fill out the form on this page or just give us a call.  We will begin the process of determining your eligibility to find protection under the bankruptcy code immediately!